Digital Designer & Art Director. Alexandre Gaeng.

SILLA - interactive kinetic installation


Silla is the upcoming large scale installation of Tokyo Data Collective. It develops concepts and techniques first explored in the project De Koog, giving them a new dimension. A floating matrix of bright white LED lights – each of them having its independent movement and height – hangs to the ceiling of the space, offering an impression of a big cushion floating in the air. To enable new lectures of the given informations, an sharp tridimensional structure made of mirrors will lay on the floor below the installation. The sound universe, made of avant-garde sound design combined with traditional musical elements, will be played on a surround system, helping to create a total immersion for the audience. A tactile 27 inch terminal will be the interface creating communication between the public and the installation. Users will be an active part of the installation, influencing parameters such as light, positions, and sound in an intuitive and playful manner, becoming actors for a certain time. Most of the data used to give life to Silla will be based on environmental statistics, obtained amongst other by the World Meteorological Organization and the statistics department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation. Silla has two goals. On one hand, the project wants to bring attention on environmental questions through a reflexive interpretation, making visible aspects of the environmental and urban landscape’s evolution. These statistics will be displayed on the interface guiding the most curious visitors within the installations‘ space, but as well out of it through media platforms of the collective. Lastly, these informations will be adapted to the geographical location of the current exhibition, as well as to latest news. On the other hand, the interaction between the public and the highly immersive installation is a symbol for the impact an individual – as well as the collectivity – has on his environment. It questions our responsibility and our lucidity. With Silla, the artists of the collective seek to inspire a positive and responsible attitude as well as curiosity toward our living environment. The installation is intended for a large public, but with an accent on the younger generation who will likely be confronted to deep questions about environmental issues and the way a society is made up. TOOLS: Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, MaxMSP, Processing, OSC.


length: 0'32’’

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